“G knows when to push the bass into dominance but has the good taste to drop under the radar, using simple ideas & space to support the song. His ideas & attitude are a huge part of what we were.”
Victoria Hume (Mothband)

“George is one of those rare bass players who can find that piece of texture to really warm a song up. Integral to our songwriting, it was his ear for melody & layers that I always looked towards.”
Emlyn Hall (The Beckett; Ghost #5)

“For a writer finding your sound, sharing your songs with others & hunting for something greater than the sum of its parts is tough work. I could always rely on George’s patience & valued input.”



Rich Webb/ Rich Webb Trio / Rich Webb Band (2005-2017)
The Berwick Street Understanding (2017)
Minnie’s Henhouse (2011-16)
The Loose Arrangement (2014-16)
Albert’s Band (2009-13)
Danny Valentine & The Meditations (2009-10)
Dixie (2008)
Stylus (2002-2007)
Victoria Hume / Mothband (2004-2006)
Ghost #5 (2004-2005)
Andrea Miller / Evi Vine (2002-2004)
The Money $hots (2002-2003)
The Beckett (1994-1997, 2001-2002)