picpile08voxaLIVE / TOURING

“He drives, navigates, takes photos & helps keep the atmosphere fun & productive. Oh – & he wields a mighty Ric. A First Team Selection for any tour.”
Rich Webb

“Thanks again for coming and making it happen – really! A fantastic show and we are very happy to know that we could put together such a good set at short notice.”
Cambodian Space Project

“George is easy to work with, learns quick & loves what he does. He used to have an enormous bass amp, and in Sunbury upon Thames they named a sandwich after him; it’s called The Georgewich.”
Danny Valentine

“The Beckett days were all about a bunch of friends making great music. I would fully recommend him to anyone (who asked nicely), unless Mani’s free. A great addition to any band.”
David Prestwich



some tours, festivals, promo etc

Rich Webb / Rich Webb Band
London & SE England (2005-2017)
Germany & Benelux Europe (2006-2017)
incl: Saarbrücken Festival (hl), Popkomm, Musik Produktiv

Minnie’s Henhouse
London & England (2011-2016)
incl: Ronnie Scott’s Bar, Cafe de Paris, HRA Jazz on the Green (hl), East Barnet Festival (hl), OVOLF Woodystock

St Reatham Raggedy Band
London (2014)

The Cambodian Space Project
London & England (2011)
Finland (2013)
incl: End of The Road Festival, Maailma Kylassa Helsinki Festival, Doghouse Halifax Festival, Rough Trade East

Tina Mali
London & SE England (2010, 2011)

Albert’s Band
London & SE England (2009-2013)

Danny Valentine & The Meditations
London & SE England (2009-10)

Victoria Hume / Mothband
London & SE England (2005-2006)

The Money $hots
London & SE England (2003)

Andrea Miller / Evi Vine
London & SE England (2003-2004)

The Beckett
South Wales (1994-1997)
London & SE England, Cornwall & SW England (2001-2002)

also including sitting in with Chris Letcher, Goldheart Assembly, Dixie, Sarah Griffin and many other one-offs and scratch-bands.